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Industry News

In 2019-2020, refrigerant demand began to fall

Classification:Industry News   Release time:2020-10-15

From 2019 to 2020, under the strict global control of ODS, China has been strengthening its control over ODS products in recent years.From the perspective of the direction of household air conditioning refrigerant, traditional of the second generation of HCFCs products quotas reduction is faster, at the same time the relative environmental protection new products on the market is increasing rapidly, especially in almost three years leading enterprises such as Gree, Midea, home air conditioning in new refrigerant quantitative production and traditional air-conditioning refrigerants air-conditioning production line out of progress at a staggering rate.

The great changes in domestic air conditioner industry and environmental protection policy of strict control, Plus the "golden period" of the fluorine chemical industry in 2017-2018, made in recent years refrigerant industry rapid changes have taken place: traditional household air conditioning refrigerant HCFCs - 22 quota eliminated, followed by new type of household air conditioning refrigerant HFCs - 32's rapid expansion, the price of refrigerant for home air conditioning is seriously differentiated and the difference between supply and demand is obvious

At present, domestic refrigerant R22 market demand weakened, trading light.In terms of raw materials, the price of trichloromethane will remain stable and relatively strong before the festival, and the lower price of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid is expected to be large, and the overall cost will weaken.On the demand side, in the short term, weakness is hard to change, and market mentality is hard to boost.It is expected that in the short term in the multi - bearish, the actual price of THE ODS R22 water dispersion has weakened in the stable expected, or will fall to 13000-13800 RMB/ton.